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Collection framework

4 minute read

A collection allows a group of objects to be treated as a single unit. Arbitrary objects can be stored, retrieved, and manipulated as elements of collections.

Comparable & Comparator

5 minute read

While writing the object-oriented programs, comparison of two instances of the same class is often required. Once instances are comparable, we can sort them ...

Configuring Preconditions

less than 1 minute read

You have two independent tables having no relationship between them, but you still want to create them in specific orders. To enforce order during the creati...

Java Serialization & Deserialization

6 minute read

Serialization lets you simply say “save this object state to the persistent store” you’d have to use one of the I/O classes to write out the state of the ins...

Java Formatters

5 minute read

Like all byte and character stream objects, instances of PrintStream and PrintWriter implement a standard set of write methods for simple byte and character ...