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Setup database & spring boot application

3 minute read

Before we start with Random-JPA, we need to simulate an application. I will be creating a simple spring boot application using MySql as my database for this ...

Random-JPA Integration

3 minute read

As we have already setup an application, we will go ahead to add latest random-JPA dependency

Random-JPA Integration (Contd.)

4 minute read

In my previous post, we have written a jpa query to fetch latest salary of employees but there was an error in response, so we are first writing a failing te...

Adding custom dependency in Random-JPA

1 minute read

There are many systems which doesn’t have proper foreign key relationship. In order to create relationship with other entities, random-jpa provides dependenc...

Adding custom generator in Random-JPA

1 minute read

Random-JPA provides mechanism to configure generation of random values. This can be done by adding custom generator. You need to provide generator to the JPA...