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File Object

5 minute read

Objects of type File are used to represent the actual files (but not the data in the files) or directories that exist on a computer’s physical disk. First, l...

File Handling

3 minute read

To write anything to a file first of all we need a file name we want to use. The file name is a simple string like like this:

Console IO

2 minute read

Java was designed for graphical user interfaces (GUI) and industrial strength file and Internet I/O. No attempt was made to have simple input and output faci...

Streams, Readers & Writers

4 minute read

A stream represents a flow of data, or a channel of communication with (at least conceptually) a writer at one end and a reader at the other. When you are wo...

Java - Multi Threading

15 minute read

Nearly every operating system supports the concept of processes – independently running programs that are isolated from each other to some degree.