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  • Kafka Messaging with Spring Boot


    In my previous article we looked at setting up Kafka on our local machine. Now we will write a spring boot application and integrate Kafka messaging.

  • Getting started with kafka messaging


    In recent times the Kafka has become a buzzword in the industry, it all started with Linkedin trying to manage the large amount of the data across different applications and data store.

  • jFirebase - Entity Framework for Firebase/Firestore


    I decided to tryout firebase for my personal projects & learning, having come from traditional SQL background, I am well versed with JPA/Hibernate when dealing with databases. But when I started firebase, I found it completely different but also having some similarities. After spending some time understanding its feature I started looking a framework similar to JPA for firebase. I found none, so I decided to write one for myself.

  • Making parallel service calls in microservice architecture.

    java microservices

    Not so long ago, when I started my development journey, we use to work with single monolith project. The work culture was pretty different compared to current times, we used to get change requests (CR’s) from our client. Then there use to be huge round discussion, finally we use to create delivery schedule, design documents, test schedules and many more even before starting any work. And then we(developers) use to give estimates, which was generally reduced to half(because the client demand the feature early). Our day to day job.

  • Handling gRPC Authorization using Context in Java

    grpc gRPC

    In the Grpc world, we have secured our application by encrypting the channel and authenticating the requests using interceptors. So we have secured our application but we still do have control over which service can be accessed by whom.

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